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How to Quit Vim


Want to start using Vim? You need to know how to stop. This is, famously, a little bit mysterious. This zine will teach you how to quit Vim -- with confidence.

Not only does this zine contain 5 (5!) different ways to quit Vim, it explains why quitting Vim is so hard. What is about Vim that means sometimes :q quits, sometimes types out the letters ":" and "q," and sometimes doesn't do anything?

You'll also learn tips that everyone who uses Vim regularly knows, but no one ever writes down, like, "If you're ever not sure what's happening just jam the ESC key a few times."

If you already use Vim, you'll probably find this zine funny -- and useful to share with colleagues who are Vim-curious.

You'll get

  • A PDF version of this zine formatted for reading on a screen
  • A PDF version of this zine formatted for printing

You'll learn

  • Five different commands for quitting Vim
  • The rare "ZZ" command
  • Three reasons why quitting Vim might not work the way you expect
  • The three basic Vim modes (NORMAL, COMMAND, and INSERT)
  • How to switch between modes
  • Why the escape key is your friend
  • What are buffers, file, and windows, and what does quitting do to them?

Unlock this unstoppable power that you always knew you had. Stop using Vim today!

Questions? Suggestions? Corrections? More ways to quit Vim? E-mail me at

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A short guide to quitting Vim, why it doesn't always work the way you expect

Ways to Quit Vim
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How to Quit Vim

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